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"The sculpture of Athene Grant evolves out of two aesthetic considerations. First, her studio practise of conceptualizing form from direct interaction with her materials without pre-conceived notions of "subject-matter" - an attitude that demands risk-taking on her part and gives her objects psychic energy and authentic formal invention. Second, a curiosity about non-western (particularly African) sculpture, which allows Grant to fabricate sculptures that fuse sequential time and space, western concepts of sculpture, to symbolic and expressive forms of non-sequential and non-linear pre-industrial concepts of three dimensional art."

Kevin Costello, Art Correspondent, Sarasota Herald Tribune
Lecturer, Ringling School of Art and Eckerd College

Athene Grant's two bronze Figurative Sculptures are enlivened by an authentic grasp of sculptural form.

Sarasota Herald Tribune 5/23/04
Woman's Contemporary Artists 2004 Exhibition


Ms Grant's sculptures exhibit an exciting immediacy through her use of texture, directly translating from the clay original into the bronze. Her African sensibility is an original new voice and makes her an artist to watch.

The Cape Times - Group Exhibition - Die Ou Schuur Gallery
Cape Town, South Africa

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